Umbra Battle Rifle (UBR-16)


UmbraTec is a thermochemical process which increases wear resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, lubricity, and cosmetic appeal.  UmbraTec is used in treating the surface of weapons components to enhance:

  • Surface hardness
  • Beautiful black finish
  • Chemical resistant
  • Improved Wear Resistance
  • Improved Running Properties
  • Increased Fatigue and Rolling Fatigue Strengths
  • Heat Resistance
  • Lower coefficient of Friction
  • Decreased surface roughness
  • Low Light Reflection
  • Increased resistance to fretting and galling
  • Further Decreased Coefficient of Friction
  • Enhanced Corrosion Protection and Resistance
  • Virtually eliminates the need for lubricant



UmbraTec permanently bonds to the metal substrate at the molecular level, creating a unique surface unlike any other. That makes UmbraTec perfect for protecting the UBR-16 from virtually any environment or combat situation.


UmbraTec is designed to create an impenetrable barrier between the UBR-16 and nature’s harshest elements such as high humidity, saltwater and extreme temperature changes.


Like a sunscreen, UmbraTec is designed help minimize UV Damage and provide a long-lasting finish that will protect the weapon for a lifetime.  The non-reflective coating reduces the absorption of heat from the sun to help keep the weapon cool when exposed to the heat of the desert. UmbraTec is resistant to the abrasion of sand, dirt, chemicals, fungus and reduces the attraction of the weapon to dirt.


Laboratory tests demonstrate excellent levels of abrasion and impact resistance under just about any severe use condition. With nearly three times the wear resistance of medium phosphorus-electroless nickel and twice the resistance of low phosphorus-electroless nickel, UmbraTec will meet and, we believe exceed most combat situational requirements in almost any environment under the harshest conditions.


The UmbraTec process improves corrosion resistance.  Often the corrosion resistance is better than obtainable with other surface-engineering processed, such as hard chrome or nickel plating.  The graph below compares the corrosion resistance of layers formed by galvanic and chemical plating processes with those imparted by UmbraTec.  This test measured the number of hours until the first rust spot developed.

Corrosion resistance, evaluation by means of salt spray test.


The UmbraTec process improves component wear and hardness of steel properties and increasessurface hardness up to a 70 Rockwell C surface hardness.  UmbraTec will accept dry film lubricant which will minimizes any potential for hydrogen embrittlement during the “break in” period.

With the exception of the first 100 round “break in” period the UBR-16 is capable of operating without lubricant.  This means, as an operator, you can be confident that your UBR-16 will operate regardless of environment or operational specific needs.  The UBR-16 is perfectly suited for a maritime environment but will operate within any operational theatre or environment.

UmbraTec is a high wear resistant metal treatment, as well as excellent sliding and running properties enhancer.  The service life of the rifle and its components is extended with the use of this highly advanced treatment.  Corrosion resistance of the weapons components is greatly improved.

The UmbraTec process increases fatigue strength about 100% on notched components made from unalloyed steel parts and about 30-80% on parts made of alloyed steels. The hardness is maintained up to about 930°F and extends the surface life of steel tools and components exposed to heat.


During testing of the weapon at 500 meters, the melonite treated barrel of the UBR-16 improves muzzle velocity, in some instances by more than 20% while improving accuracy up to 150%.  During testing of the this component velocity was increased on average from 2754 FPS to 2806 FPS while improving accuracy by shrinking shot groupings from a 10 inch grouping to a 4 inch grouping.



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