Umbra Battle Rifle (UBR-16)


The Umbra Battle Rifle - “Beyond MILSPEC”

UAT ARMS, a division of Umbra Applied Technologies has created an instantly recognizable battle rifle that contributes to an enduring icon all over the world. Inspired by an unyielding sense of patriotism, profound sense of responsibility and some of the most evocative rifles ever built. We have the great privilege of taking the legacy of The United States as a world power into the future.

The Umbra Battle Rifle (UBR-16) redefines the marque for the 21st century – a fitting celebration of the principles of the men and women who founded this country and who continue to defend it.  This continuing pursuit of innovation, reliability and durability realized in our UBR-16 platform has created new benchmarks for the industry. In the UBR-X series we delivered simplicity out of complexity. Now with the launch of the UBR-16 we have pushed new boundaries to build the most powerful combat tool a warfighter can possess. We have invested heavily in the weapons efficiency, reliability and durability without sacrificing any measure of the weapons practical function or efficiency.

Taking delivery of your Umbra Battle Rifle is a reassuring experience, instantly inspiring confidence in its ability to be a true tactical weapon that will undoubtedly perform in any combat environment.  This is just the beginning of a unique ownership experience.  We have reduced arduous and timely maintenance typically associated with standard military rifles and improved the weapon systems efficiency and reliability.

The Highest Standards

Representing the highest standard of tactical weapons, every UBR is built by hand at state-of-the-art and manufacturing facilities here in the United States because if it is not built here it won’t be built at all.

With its effortless performance, unparalleled refinement and air of true tactical presence, UBR is a striking demonstration of power and efficiency through innovative thinking and responsible technology.

Every aspect has been engineered to enhance the weapons reliability and durability because we are acutely aware of whom it is we serve and the mission they endure every day to protect us. This is a rifle designed to reduce warfighter fatigue and be a tool that instills the confidence that it will perform when it counts.

Even from a distance, the UBR is instantly recognizable as a symbol of American power. Design elements such as the quick-detach (QD), all-aluminum, full weapons length, MIL-STD 1913 picatinny floating rail system provide a truly dynamic platform for mission specific accessories.

The weapon comes standard with a light-weight yet incredibly durable polycarbonate injection molded, folding back-up sight and spring loaded front site. The dual aperture rear sight is adjustable for windage and is specifically tailored to the UBR platform.

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