Umbra Battle Rifle (UBR-16)


There is little doubt that the 2017 PRP-30, like its cousin the UBR-16, is an unprecedented combat weapon manufactured to a standard of excellence uncommon in the industry.  Manufactured from superior purpose driven materials and components, the PRP-30 design exemplifies not only its heritage but its purpose as an elite force combat tool.  The PRP-30 boasts impressive chart topping specifications:

2.5 lb trigger pull
Enhanced trigger guard
Extended takedown pins
Grenade launcher


 1 MOA accuracy
Projectile velocity of 3,100 ft/s
Effective kill range of  1000 (22 inch barrel) 

Vertical fore end grip
16, 18, & 22 inch barrels available
Unique bipod that allows addition of M203 

The PRP-30 can be configured as a high powered battle rifle or long range sniper rifle.  The unique bipod system functions silently and allows for an unobstructed lower rail so mission specific accessories can be added beneath hand guard.  The extended takedown pins allow for fast access to both upper and lower receivers and the 2.5 trigger has the shortest reset in the industry.  The PRP-30 is slated to be released in the second quarter of 2017.


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