Umbra Battle Rifle (UBR-16)


Manufacturing and Assembly

A process that can take up to 4 days the UBR-16 is assembled only after it is prepared to the highest standards. This is an unprecedented approach to building battle rifles.

Upon completion of the manufacturing process, each and every component of the UBR-16 is inspected to ensure a standard of quality unrivaled in the industry. It is only after approval form our Armorers and gunsmiths that each component begins the arduous preparation process that takes the finest American made parts from high quality components into what will become an unparalleled symbol of American craftsmanship.

Every component is hand polished to specific tolerances and finishes to remove any burrs, ensure proper function and accommodate coating. Every component is then re-inspected before being approved for coating and/or treatment. Once received and accepted for coating every component is meticulously prepared for the very important coating and/or treatment process. Components are bathed in chemical solutions to remove surface impurities on the substrate metal and then baked to remove all moisture. Once hydrogen bake off is completed the components are allowed to cool before being treated. The components are then allowed to rest. This process ensures a flawless finish, fit and assembly found only with the UBR-16.

To ensure consistency, each rifle is assembled entirely by one specifically trained and highly experienced individual. This ensures quality control throughout the entire build process. Each weapon is test fired, cleaned and lubricated before being delivered to the end user. We do this so that you can trust in one simple fact; when you take delivery of an Umbra Battle Rifle you are taking delivery off the finest most reliable battle rifle on earth.

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