Umbra Battle Rifle (UBR-16)


Even from the very first prototype, the UBR instantly set itself apart.  Design elements such as the free floating all-aluminum, full weapons length, MIL-STD 1913 picatinny floating rail system provide a truly dynamic platform for mission specific accessories. An element that proved to be very useful and as a result made it into the very first Umbra Battle Rifle.

The weapon was built with a light-weight yet incredibly durable polycarbonate injection molded, folding back-up sight and forend integrated spring loaded aluminum front site. The dual aperture rear sight is adjustable for windage and was specifically tailored to the UBR platform.

The adjustable collapsing stock with consistent cheek weld in any position improved head stability and line of sight when targeting.  The weighted stock provided extra counterbalance weight to improve handling of the weapon when muzzle-heavy accessories were installed which helped reduce warfighter fatigue when implementing weapon.  Components such as dual-side quick-detach (QD) sling mounts and metal strike plate allowed the buttstock to adapt to the mission at hand.

The UBR’s grip was designed to assist the warfighters control over the weapon during rapid fire.  The X-1 pistol grip was designed with a Battery Storage System (BSS) located within. It was capable of storing (2) AA type batteries in a self-contained, water resistant unit and included internal spacer providing rattle free storage of either (2) AAA or (2) N size batteries (commonly used for EOTech sights).  In the end we found the storage system to impractical and poorly executed.  We continue design and development efforts in this area.

Manufactured from a DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer, the 5 position locking vertical folding forend grip has a unique treatment of the glass fibers which produces a tightly adhering chemical bond between the nylon and the glass that enhances both tensile strength and stiffness over a wide range of environmental conditions.  While robust we decided against the folding grip and opted for an all-aluminum abbreviated grip with the same profile.  Combat is no place to take chances.

Inside the weapon; the very first version of UmbraTec was applied.  While performance was adequate we knew we could do better resulting in the current formula for UmbraTec that affords a lifetime warranty.

 Our CEO Alex Umbra Testing the X-1 Prototype:

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